Nights Away Scheme

Permission to camp

The Commissioner requires to APPROVE an event before it takes place (POR 9.1b/9.1c)

  • NAN’s from Pentland Groups Units should be submitted using the Pentland District online NAN form

  • The NAN Notification deadlines is at least 7 days for Scout Sites; and 14 days for Non-Scout sites

  • The DC will NOT approve the nights away event unless they are satisfied the event will be run a a safe and effective way, AND at least one person holds a First Response (or higher), AND all leaders attending have completed and validated EITHER a) Getting Started (Modules 1, 2 and 3/4) OR b) Safeguarding and Safety online training

Applying for a Permit

The Nights Away Permit Scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading nights away events for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

If you are applying for a nights away permit for the first time then please ensure you are familiar with the material on permits on the scouts website – see info here. And here is the form to fill out

In particular you should read the applicants guide and the assessment guide and ensure you are comfortable with the material on the assessment checklist. Please also read the relevant sections of POR including risk assessments and also the nights away rules 9.55-9.63.

Rule 9.57 specifies the four categories of permit for which you can apply and defines rules for categorising an overnight location.

For permit renewals, please also complete the application form and re-familiarise yourself with the material mentioned above. Note; If you do not have any experience at the level requested within last permit period please supply details of the camp you are planning and seek guidance from NAA on any specific details required.

See below for details on how to apply for a permit.

Whilst we will try to process your application as quickly as possible, please allow plenty of time when submitting your application in case of holidays etc.

Pentland’s Administrative Arrangements

Applications/Renewal for Permits should be submitted to Bruce Macdonald or Gordon Simpson (Snod), Pentlands Nights Away Advisers

To help us consider your application, please include all relevant camps you have supported. Specify type of camp, duration and what responsibilities you had for each on this form. Please also include details of nights away modules you have completed.

It would be helpful if you also provide evidence for some of the checklist points on the assessment form along with your application. The full checklist can be found here but please do not fill it in. NAN Assessment checklist for a nights away permit

Examples of supporting documents are: -

  • Programme

  • Kit list

  • Equipment list

  • Safety (risk assessment)

  • Menu (including shopping list and cooking planning)

  • InTouch procedure

  • Form NAN