Parent or Occasional Helpers

There is no role, in Scottish Scouting, called “Parent Helper”.

If a parent (or other adult) wishes to help on an occasional basis (perhaps on a rota) they can be Casual Helpers. They should not help more frequently that once a month and are they not Members or Associate Members of the Scout Association. They should complete a Self-Declaration Form, and they should not have unsupervised access to children. This form should be held locally but destroyed when the helper is no longer involved in Scouting.

This role is not appropriate for home hospitality or overnight stay at camp, both of which require full Disclosure.

Adults taking the 4 week challenge, or considering a leadership role can attend for several weeks in a row without a PVG. It is important that you have enough volunteers present to have ‘sight and sound’ of the new adult at all times. Such adults must be issued with the yellow card at the outset.